What Parts of my LifePost are Published?

If you’re considering purchase of either a LifePost Book or Keepsake, your final product will be based on your published LifePost. But when you’re building a LifePost it’s easy to exit an editing session without remembering to publish new material. So before you order one of our permanent mementos, it is smart to check the published version of your LifePost and be sure all the material you want included is actually published.

To do that, go to your Activity Hub in the dropdown menu that appears under your name. Select the LifePost you want to review.

Open that LifePost and go to the Overview page. Above your Overview image and text you will see one of two things. If you see a blue button saying “Go to Published View” that means this LifePost is currently in editing view.

Edit view


To change to the Published version of your LifePost, simply click on the blue button that says “Go To Published View.”  The Published version of your LifePost will appear.  It will look like this:

Published view

Once in Published view, you can review your LifePost to be sure all your most recent additions have been published. As you review the material, if you see anything you want to change, you can return to editing mode by clicking the “Go To Edit Mode” button in the upper right corner of all your LifePost pages, and then clicking the blue “Edit Event” buttons in the individual section of the LifePost you want to change.

By double-checking your published LifePost this way, you insure the most up-to-date version is visible to whoever you are sharing it with online, and guarantee that the book or keepsake based on it will contain the most complete version of your work.

Last Updated On: August 9, 2017 11:04 AM
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