Creating a memorial for someone who has not died

You may want to start work on a memorial LifePost before your loved one has passed away.

To do this, put “N/A” in the “date of death” field in the memorial form.

You will probably want to set your post’s privacy to Private for the time being. (Learn more about privacy settings.)

When the time comes, add the death date. If you would like the LifePost to be read by a broader group, change the privacy setting to Semi-Public or Public. If you already have created a celebration LifePost for this person, make sure you update it to include a Special Message to its contributors and a link to the memorial LifePost. (Learn more about special messages – scroll down to find the right spot.)

You might also consider making a Celebration instead, perhaps a Birthday or a Personal History, while your loved one is still alive and can enjoy the memories and tributes you and others contribute. When it comes time to make a memorial you will have all those photos and videos already stored in your library.

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 4:58 PM
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