Documents are an important part of many of the most important moments in our lives. Citizenship papers, a graduation certificate, a wedding license, the deed to the new house, the marked-up map from a youthful road trip; even in a digital age, these pieces of paper mark many of our important milestones.  As you assemble the story of your particular LifePost, don’t forget to consider the pieces of paper that could help bring it to life.

You can upload PDF files to LifePosts as you would any other form of media — while using any one of the tools or directly into your Media Library. Once your PDF is uploaded, it will display as a clickable button in your tool or a file in your library.

If you would prefer to display an image of the PDF, software such as Adobe Reader, Gimp or Mac Preview can all save PDFs to image files. In Adobe Reader and Mac Preview, you can use the screenshot function to save any portion the viewable screen as an image. In Gimp and Mac Preview, you also can save or export the document as an image.

If your PDF is not in electronic form, you also can take a picture or screenshot of it and upload it. The image of the PDF will display like any other photo. There are a number of PDF converter sites that allow you to stitch PDFs together or convert other formats, such as a text or spreadsheet documents, into PDFs. Try PDFEscape or PDF Converter.

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 7:33 PM
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