Listing significant people involved in the celebration

Many of the events we celebrate require a large cast of people who deserve to be acknowledged in your LifePost.  To list significant people, go to the “Basic Information” box on your Overview page.

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You should start by listing the people who are involved in the celebration or ceremony in some way.  For instance, the people who are planning it, who will be leading or organizing it, (or paying for it!)

There are no firm rules: if there are other people who are very important to the milestone you are honoring, list them, too.

For example in an Engagement and Wedding LifePost, you might list members of the wedding party. In a Rite of Passage, you might list godparents. You can also include anyone who is significant in your (or the honoree’s) life, including loved ones who have passed away, and indicate their passing using the checkbox.

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 6:13 PM
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