Why We Charge What We Do

By Steven Waldman, LifePosts Founder & CEO

On this page, we lay out the basic pricing options for what you can purchase on LifePosts. Right here, I’d like to say more about why we made some of these decisions.

As we created LifePosts, a few general principles guided our thinking:

  • Your creation should not be cluttered with ugly ads and “sponsored posts.”
  • LifePosts should be affordable for a wide range of people.
  • LifePosts should always be free for anyone to read.
  • The cost of a LifePost should be clear from the start. For this reason, we’ve opted for a one-time payment, not a monthly or yearly subscription you can’t quite figure out how to turn off.

First, the Internet will be a healthier, more varied better place if we pay for more of the things we like.

We have all gotten used to the idea that much of the Internet is, and should be, free. But it actually isn’t free. All websites cost money to create and maintain. Any website that isn’t charging you is earning revenue either through advertising or selling private information about you, or both.

If the topic is comedy or entertainment, that may be fine. Most of us are used to tolerating commercials or ads as part of our entertainment, (though more and more of us also have accepted paying providers like Netflix or HBO for the ability to watch shows we want to see commercial interruptions.) But when the topic is the death of a loved one, or properly celebrating an important life milestone, ads don’t seem appropriate.

We concluded that the only way to create a site that would maintain the dignity that these occasions merit – and which our loved ones deserve – is to charge a fee.

We also decided not to do a recurring fee that hits your credit card each month or year. This decision was made against the advice of the experts, who all say that “recurring revenue” tends to make more money for companies. Obviously this is a common practice, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but we suspect the reason such systems generate more money is that people forget to cancel or can’t figure out how. We prefer to hope you will be returning to LifePosts regularly to add to a Celebration or Memorial you’ve created, to check on comments friends and family have left, or to start a new LifePost – not because you’re tired of seeing our bill on your credit card statement.

So we decided to try something different: a one-time flat fee per LifePost. That may produce a bigger number than you expected, and it could scare people off. But if you devote time and energy to creating a detailed tribute to a loved one who has died, or a record of a family wedding a long time in the making – if your friends and family spend time contributing their photos and loving memories – you will create pieces of family legacy your grandchildren will want to see. Use our tools well to capture the stories of your life and be glad knowing they will be here any time you want them.

Last Updated On: February 14, 2017 8:39 AM
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