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February 15, 2017Feb 15, 2017

Stuart is alive again in my heart thanks to LifePosts.  Thank you!”

–Kay McAnally about the LifePost that friends made for her son, Stuart Garcia


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 “Your site was an incredible find during a very difficult time for me – made worse by sticker shock I got when calling the local newspaper’s obituary section.

I felt so guilty about not wanting to spend the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I was being asked to publish just a few lines and a photo.

Life posts allowed me to tell as long a story as I felt my mom deserved – and to tell it so much more fully with photos.

I pulled it together quickly but was amazed at how much more I could have done.  

Your site is amazing – leaps and bounds above others I’ve seen in terms of design and ease of use.”

–Dana Borcea who made a LifePost for her mother, Marta

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“My daughter was studying abroad during her 21st birthday.  We were too far away to show up with cake, wanted to be creative, and Life post helped give the greatest gift ever — her life told by the family and friends who love her.  

She said she stayed in bed all day reading and rereading posts.  We enlisted old and new friends, teachers, soccer coaches, family — even the dog posted.  

It was as much fun for us as it was for her.  A perfect, collaborative 21st birthday gift.”

–Lisa Zimble about her daughter Ava Dunsky

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Honestly the best digital memorialization service I have seen.

–Cole Imperi, funeral consultant


“The site is just fantastic to work with.  Being able to do so much with the  photos right there as you write is wonderful! “

–Christine Perry after making a memorial for her cat, Harley


“Our family is highly impressed with your wonderful LifePosts site and greatly appreciate the easy to use tools and beautiful design layout!

It has enabled us to honour our Popa while we reflect upon our dearest memories and the legacy he has left with our family! THANK YOU!!!”

–Heather Kennedy-Plant and all of Ron Kennedy’s family members


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“This is truly amazing. I have set up a Memory Book for my Dad who recently passed. This will be a great way for my family to regain memories that unfortunately have been kept from us in memorabilia or artifacts. Thank you – it’s so easy to use and beautiful.”

–Kim Jack Riley

“Love the site. It’s easy to use, and engaging.”

— Leland Meitzler, author of

I’ve been very impressed by LifePosts and its natively collaborative and social features. I have used it for two online memorial sites and LifePosts provided real, meaningful  succor for the family members.

Seeing all the stories come in from around the world was so helpful at a time of need. The simple interface and sophisticated tools make it an ideal platform for this purpose.”

–Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, New York City

” It was a way to be able to replace the old tradition of visiting the gravesides with a purposeful moment to remember my dad. ”

–Meg Fisher



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