Deciding which tool to use

Which tool should I use?

Each of the LifePost tools can be used in a variety of ways, but if you’re having trouble deciding where to start, you might follow these rules of thumb:

The simplest, fastest tool is the Overview.  In a few minutes, you can make a card, with a photo and some basic information, and invite friends and family to post comments.

If you have more to say, try the LifeStory tool. This is basically an article format. You can write a paragraph or a whole book — and add photos and videos throughout.

If you want to tell some or all of your story in a structured, chronological form, or if you have a lot of images to display, try the LifeTimeline. This is a great way to make key moments come vividly to life in an attractive, interactive format.

If you’re not sure, or want some help getting started, you might enjoy beginning with LifeQs. We provide questions. Answer one. Then another. Feel free to rewrite or delete any that don’t fit your story. Before you know it, you have a tapestry of stories and images.

Oh, and don’t forget: you can use as many of the tools as you want!

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 3:46 PM
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