Different types of celebrations

If you don’t see the celebration you want listed, you can add your own!

We’ve made special templates for the most common Celebrations LifePosts users create.  These individual templates are pre-loaded with relevant questions in the LifeQs area that help you start your thinking about what to say.  The celebrations already listed include:

Birth – This can be used not only for a birth announcement but also for the story of the pregnancy and the first year.

Rites of Passage – This can include celebrations like: Baptism, Bar/Mitzvah, Confirmations, First Communion, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen, Prom or any other significant rite of passage.

Graduation – This can be from school (high school, college, elementary school, etc.), a service program (military or civilian service) or completion of a training program.

Engagement / Wedding – This can be used to announce the engagement and describe the wedding but possibly the best use is to tell the story of the relationship — especially if you get friends and family to add their stories and photos!

Birthday – Any major birthday, from 1 to 100 (and beyond).

Honors – Any kind of awards or honors, whether related to workplace, a civic organization, sports, military or others.

Wedding Anniversary – Celebrate your years together by telling the story of your relationship — or someone else’s!

Pets — Adoption, birthday or general awesomeness.

Personal History — Use our storytelling tools to capture highlights from your own life. That might be an expansive memoir or a way of capturing a particular hobby or interest (for instance: the best concerts you’ve been to).

Add Your Own Celebrations – Choose this option for any other kind of celebration not listed above. You can do this as an individual or as a group. Learn more.

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