Using material published on other sites

Often when you post an obituary or remembrance on another website – say, a funeral home website or a newspaper website – you can also post a copy on LifePosts. You can simply copy and paste.

But be aware that some places, in their fine print, actually declare that they own the rights to the material, not you. (Seems wrong to us; after all, it’s your life story.) For instance, if you buy a death notice in a newspaper that then publishes it on, you cannot then publish that article anywhere else – even though you wrote it.

Memorials posted on funeral home websites generally allow you to re-use the essay somewhere else – but you need to check to make sure.

Of course the facts of your life (and images) are yours, so you can repurpose or rewrite them, and repost as you like.

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 4:06 PM
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