Create a book from your Ethical Will

If you have created a detailed Ethical Will or one that makes creative use of family documents and photographs, you may want to preserve it in book form as a present to your intended recipients.

Cost: The cost for a book will depend on how many pages it contains.  The minimum requirement is 10 pages and the average cost for that is $49 for a single copy, with a discount if you order 5 or more.

Process: Our designers will take the Ethical Will you’ve created and, working page by page, turn it into a unique and beautiful book. Your book will include not just the photos but also any comments, documents and other text you or other contributors have added in any of the LifePost tools. Be aware that only material you have actually published in your Ethical Will can be used, so before you order a book, check to insure that all your favorite items are published. (For more on how to do this click here.)

Hand-designed: You don’t have to do anything. We’ll create a design for you and submit it for your approval before you purchase.

Approve before you pay: Our designer will send you a pdf of your book for approval.  Once you give the ok, we will have your book printed on high quality photographic paper by our publishing partner, Adorama, and deliver it to you.  If you’re interested in seeing a design for your own Ethical Will book, click here to begin the process.

Custom: If you like the design submitted to you, but want to make some changes, (Eg: switching the order of various items, offering a substitute photograph for one that does not translate well into print), for an extra charge, our designer will make those changes to the design originally submitted to you.

Returns: If you find any production defects in your final product, send the item back and we will either correct the flaw or refund your payment.

Last Updated On: June 28, 2018 11:24 AM
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