Creating a memorial for yourself

When advancing age or an alarming diagnosis draws attention to the end of life, many people feel an urge both to take stock of the life they have lived, and to take control of how their life story is told to future generations.

If that describes your situation, we recommend you create a Personal History LifePost. (You’ll find this option under Celebrations.) We have written questions in the LifeQs section intended to help you reflect on the full span of the life you’ve lived, but feel free to edit, delete, and rewrite these to fit your needs. Invite friends and family to add their own stories, memories, and photos. You’ll be surprised at the loving portrait of yourself and your influence that begins to emerge, and the people you love will be glad to have an opportunity to express things in the LifePost they might not say to you directly while they are hoping for many more years together.

Be sure to assign a Co-Creator and let them know the role you want them to play. That person will be able to access your photos, videos and files and reuse them to create your memorial LifePost later. (Learn more about Co-Creators.)

Your Co-Creator will also be able to add a message at the top of your Personal History LifePost that updates Contributors in the event of your death and points them to the new Memorial LifePost. The Special Message is added from your Settings page. On the lower part of the page is LifePost Specific Settings. Click the dropdown menu to select the right LifePost. Then go to the Special Message module to add and save the update message, making sure to include the link to the memorial LifePost.

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 5:01 PM
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