The different types of memorials

Memorials for individuals

If your LifePost is for someone who recently died, you may want to use the Funeral Information box on the Overview page. After the funeral has passed, you can move that box to the bottom of the Overview page or delete it. Learn more about your Overview page.

You can also make LifePosts for someone who died in the more distant past. It can then become a biographical website to share with future generations.


If you are creating a LifePost related to a miscarriage, and you feel that the form’s questions don’t quite apply, here are a few suggestions. If you hadn’t chosen a name, when you get to the slot for “name” you can put in something like, “Our child”. You can make the birth and death dates the same.

Group memorials

This selection can be used a few different ways. It can be used to memorialize a class of victims – for example, victims of 9/11 or victims of an earthquake or other disaster.

It can group together people who died of similar causes, such as “Those who have died of breast cancer.”

Or you can use it to make a family “plot,” as in “The Williams Family.”

In each case, you can make a general memorial about the group and also link to particular memorials by using the Related Links box on the LifePosts’s Overview page.


Memorials for any kind of animals are welcome. Pet losses can be profound; there should be no embarrassment about building a memorial.

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