What are Creators, Co-Creators and Contributors?

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Creator – That’s the person who starts the ball rolling – who creates the account to start a LifePost.

Co-Creator – A Creator can assign a Co-Creator to a LifePost, which can be a huge help. Co-Creators can do almost anything a Creator can do: publish new storytelling tools, edit photos, invite friends and family, delete contributions by other people, etc. In fact the only thing a Co-Creator can’t do is delete the entire LifePost. Allow only people you really trust to be Co-Creators!

Contributors – Contributors are, first of all, the people you invite to add their own experiences and reactions to your LifePost. Throughout the site there are places for friends and family – also known as Contributors — to add stories, photos, videos and other media. Depending on your privacy settings, Contributors may need permission from a Creator or Co-Creator to post. Unlike Co-Creators, Contributors cannot delete or edit material (other than what they themselves have posted).

Be aware that all Contributors to a LifePost must register before they can upload photos, comments, etc. They can do this by entering an email and creating a LifePosts password, or by using their Facebook registration (more details here).  You can save yourself and your invited contributors some potential frustration by letting them know registration is required to post.

One really cool feature: when Contributors post a photo, video or other media, a copy of that image goes into the Media Library of the person who created the LifePost and all of the Co-Creators. So if the Creator really likes the picture they can use it in other areas of the LifePost.

Learn how to invite friends and family to contribute.

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 7:53 PM
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