Tips on making a great LifePost Celebration

The LifePosts tools provide so many different ways to celebrate a milestone or person. You can use any and all of the tools (for a bit more on how to decide what to use first, go here).

A few tips:

Emphasize stories. You can do a simple announcement, but your LifePost will really come to life – and have great meaning to future generations – if you also use it to tell stories. So don’t just announce someone’s engagement, tell the story of the relationship. Don’t just say “Happy Birthday,” use your LifePost as an excuse to celebrate that person’s life and personality.

Give details and examples. Details usually convey what someone is like better than general statements. So rather than saying, “Paul loves great food of all kinds,” try something specific like “Paul loves Philadelphia cheesesteaks and escargot.” Now you’ve said something truly memorable about Paul.

Take your time. A LifePost can be created over a long period of time and continually updated as you think of new things. Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the process. Don’t try to figure it out all at once.

Invite friends and family. There’s no greater gift they can give than providing memories and images. Don’t feel shy about asking. Consider inviting particular sets of friends to particular areas. For instance, invite college friends to go specifically to the area of the LifePost dealing with college years, so they can reminisce about that in detail. Learn more about inviting friends and family.

Use photos whenever possible. You can use them not just for the main pictures but also to help tell particular stories or answer questions. For instance, in response to a LifeQs question like, “Where did he like to hang out?” you could post a photo in addition to describing it. Learn more about posting photos.

Think about who will be seeing it. You’ll want your LifePost to enable future generations to understand why this person or moment was special. Even though everyone in your family right now may know what you mean by “your favorite diner,” put the actual name.

Last Updated On: December 19, 2015 6:16 PM
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